Umit Bititci is the Professor of Business Performance and the Deputy Executive Dean of the Edinburgh Business School, Edinburgh, UK. He has a unique blend of industrial and academic experience that spans across 35 years.

He has dedicated his career to understanding what makes high-performing companies different. He has worked with an international portfolio of companies and public sector organisations.

He has led several  international research and development projects with a research portfolio c.£20m. He has published c.200 papers and he regularly appears at international conferences and workshops as guest/keynote speaker.


HaBook Cover 139ve a look at Umit’s latest book entitled Managing Business Performance: the Science and the Art on publishers website.

This book, which opeans with a quote from Albert Einstein… “not everything that can be counted counts… and not everything that counts can be counted”, is based on Umit’s 25 years of research, practice and observations on how organisations measure and manage their performance. The key message of the book is the need for a balance between technical controls (i.e. the processy things we do) and social controls (i.e. the human component). All too often we associate performance measurement with command and control. This book demonstrated that a well-developed performance measurement system and participative management can co-exist and indeed it is an essential component of sustainable performance and growth.