Delivering executive workshop on Managing Business Performance in Edinburgh on 17 November 2015

Managing Business Performance: The Science and The Art

A one-day executive workshop aimed at executives and managers responsible for managing the performance of their organisation 

About the Workshop

Have you ever wondered how some companies seem to consistently outperform their counterparts? Moreover, they seem to be able to do this even through turbulent economic times. For many years we have been obsessed with measuring and managing performance of organisations. However, best companies appear to focus on their underlying capabilities rather than short-term metrics.

How do they do this? What do these companies have in common? ? What actions can we take today to make a difference? These are just some of the question which we will explore in this one day executive workshop which presents an opportunity learn from:

  1. The results of 25 years of research into areas such as performance measurement; strategic management; organisational culture and behaviour; organisational evolution and adaptation; and people engagement & motivation.
  2. The experiences of a range of companies and organisations (food & drink, technology; engineering manufacturing; service and public sector organisations).
  3. The experiences and stories of fellow workshop participants.