Workshops and Courses

Umit leads a number of executive and masters level education programmes and courses. These include:

Managing Business Performance – the Science and the Art

Ever wondered how some businesses consistently perform better than others? … Because the best companies spend less time managing their performance … they manage their capabilities instead!

This is a one-day interactive workshop focusing on how to generate actionable insights from performance data. The workshop will introduce ‘Performance Planning and Learning’ as a key managerial process that is essential for underpinning long term sustainable performance, and you will learn from over 60 years of combined practical experience as well as from the:  experiences of a range of companies;, results of 25 years of research and  experiences and stories of fellow workshop participants.

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Leading with Insight: generating actionable insights from performance data

Top performing leaders and organisations all leverage data to optimise their strategic, operational and commercial performance!… This one-day interactive workshop is designed to give you an understanding of how best to leverage performance data to improve and sustain organisational performance with a range of tools and techniques that will enable you to:

  • Generate appropriate actionable insights from organisational performance data.
  • Avoid the common traps that often impact the way in which performance data is captured, analysed and presented in many organisations.
  • Develop a vital understanding of ‘variation‘, not only in terms of its impact on the flow of work across organisations and interfaces with partners but also how to distinguish between ‘signals and noise‘ in fast-moving operational and commercial data.
  • Interpret and translate insights from organisational performance data to inform strategy development and implementation, as well as optimise operational and commercial performance

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MSc in Managing Business Performance

In the modern world performance measures are a fact of life. Wherever you work, live and play, Critical Success Factors, Key Performance Indicators, League Tables and Performance Measures and their various derivatives are commonplace. But how do we design effective performance measurement systems, and, more importantly, how do we use them for sustainable results?

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